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"Honest critique improves your work, it doesn’t necessarily soothe a bruised ego."

 Photography courtesy of Clay Banks 

Ghost Writing

Academic Mentor

A mentor should tell you things a friend will keep from you because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.


Dr Hirst has over 20 years’ experience in supervising postgraduate research students. Several of Dr Hirst’s students have turned their theses into successful books. His approach is to provide honest and open feedback, delivered in a friendly and supportive way but also cutting to the chase. Martin’s goal in mentoring is to challenge your assumptions and the strictures of academic orthodoxy that hold back many original thinkers.


Martin can offer advice at every stage of the thesis process, from refining a proposal and literature review, through ethics approval, oral submissions, confirmation hearings and polishing a final draft.


Attention to detail is crucial to presentation of a successful thesis. Dr Hirst will not do your research, crunch your numbers, nor write a draft of your dissertation, but he will help to improve your writing, argument, structure and style.


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