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"Civil society
keeps us civilised."

 Photography courtesy of Jonathan Kho 


WhiteHirst Media supports non-government and not-for-profit agencies with high impact and high-quality services at affordable rates.

WhiteHirst Media is very keen to offer its expertise to the NGO and NFP sector because civil society organisations do valuable work that benefits all of us. Over the lifetime of its existence WHM has worked with leading human rights organisations, local community groups, progressive councils and social movements on a variety of issues.

Martin prides himself on ethical practice and would like to assist progressive not-for-profit sector organisations who need help to promote their message and their mission to stakeholders and to a wider public.

WhiteHirst Media understands the NFPs need to be budget conscious and account for every penny they spend. We offer a value-for-money service with a high commitment to professional standards and community expectations.

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