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 Photography courtesy of Racquel Martinez 

Why choose us?

The WhiteHirst Media secret sauce of good communication is based on an old family recipe. We keep this close to our chest, but we can reveal the key ingredients: a commitment to the facts; a strong ethical streak; impeccable tradecraft in writing; a good knowledge of style, syntax and grammar; a vivid imagination; and a storyteller’s gift of the gab.

In various forms, WhiteHirst Media has been telling compelling stories since 1993. We began as a husband and wife team and created the company as a vehicle for our work in public relations and paid content. Until now, we have been a quiet success, flying below the radar and working with only a handful of clients.

Our plan is to remain a boutique agency that can offer bespoke services at a great price. However, like all small agencies, it is time for us to expand and to offer new clients an opportunity to engage with our enthusiasm, attention to detail and extensive media knowledge.

Unlike some bigger agencies in the PR and Communication business, we don't have an expensive office to maintain, nor do we insist on account executives having lavish expense tabs. This means we can offer our great services at a great price. If we bill you, we guarantee that the work has been done. You will always get an itemised invoice, so you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing every cent you spend is working hard for you.

WhiteHirst Media prides itself on ethical business practices and on being ethical in all public-facing interactions. We will never advise you to do something that we wouldn't do ourselves. If you're interested in cover-ups, burying your mistakes or fudging the issue, then we can't help you. If you want honest interactions with your customers, clients and audiences, then we will do our best to deliver.

Now based in Melbourne, WhiteHirst Media offers a world class service with a friendly attitude and an Australian accent.

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